Blue Planet

Blue Planet
Blue Planet - acrylic on canvas - 34" x 28"

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Angelina and Men: A Heroine's Journey

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Born in Montreal, Canada, Shaktima Brien is a visionary artist living in the California Desert.

A member of The Palm Springs Art Museum Artists Council, Brien's paintings were shown four times at the Palm Springs Art Museum since 2008.

Through the eye of a sure-shot camera and a Canon Vixia HF R600 camcorder, Shaktima is documenting the exploding Palm Springs Art Scene via SociaLight characters she paints, photographs and features in MIRAGES, a Film Noir she directs.

Before curating, and acting as juror on two Surrealist Art Shows at Gallery 446 in Palm Springs, Shaktima had two solo exhibitions in Palm Springs and Los Angeles, published two art books, -"Her Story”, a monograph, and "Goddess Journey”, and a novel "Angelina and Men", a kunstlerroman, which screenplay she wrote won First Place at the Palm Springs Writer's Guild.

In 2008, Brien received an Honorable Mention at the 10th Juried Art Show of the City of Palm Springs, and in 2004 her tableaux were exhibited at the UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History for the premiere of Signs of Time, a film on the archeologist Marija Gimbutas (“The Language of the Goddess”). 

In the 90’s, selected pieces by Judy Freeman, Associate Curator of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, were included in a contemporary art exhibition. Others were sold at the Shirley MacLaine and Whoopi Goldberg Art Auction. 


2017 La Quinta Museum, La Quinta, CA
2016 Crystal Fantasy, Palm Springs, CA
2016 UCR University of California Riverside, Palm Desert, CA
2016, Gallery 446, Surreal Exhibition (Curator), Palm Springs, CA
2015 Cambria Gallery, Palm Desert, CA
2015 Gallery 446, Palm Springs, CA
2015 UCR University of California Riverside, Palm Desert, CA
2014 Studio C Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2014 UCR University of California Riverside, Palm Desert, CA

2014 Marks Building, Palm Springs Art Museum, CA

2012-14 Gallery 446, Palm Springs, CA

2013 Marks Art Center, College of the Desert, Palm Desert, CA

2012 Jeanie Madsen Art Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

2110 M Modern/Visual Space, Palm Springs, CA

2009 Palm Springs Art Museum, Palm Springs, CA

2009 Palm Springs Public Library, Palm Springs, CA

2009 Vista Del Monte School, Palm Springs, CA

2009 Galerie Mystere (Solo Show), Palm Springs, CA

2008 Steven Janssen Art Space, Palm Springs, CA

2008 Palm Springs Art Museum, Palm Springs, CA

2008 Palm Springs City Hall, Palm Springs, CA (Honorable Mention)

2007 Magdalene Cultural Arts Center, North Hollywood, CA

2006 Exposure Gallery, Palm Springs, CA

2005 Thom Home, The Atrium, Palm Desert, CA

2005 Jake Dent Gallery, Palm Desert, CA

2004 Clark County Library, Las Vegas, NV

2004 Fowler Museum, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

2003 Desert Hot Springs Art Studio, CA

2001 Desert Post Weekly Headquarters, Palm Springs, CA

2000 Denise Roberge Gallery, Palm Desert, CA

1999 Kaleidospace, Santa Monica, CA

1996 Miramar Sheraton Hotel, Santa Monica, CA

1995 T. Heritage Gallery, Westwood, CA

1994 Regina Barton Gallery, Venice, CA

1993 Hollywood Athletic Club, Hollywood, CA

1991 Barbara Mendes Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1991 Cabal Space, Hollywood, CA

1991 Out Action, Santa Monica, CA

1991 Art & Barbee, Los Angeles, CA

1991 Runyon Canyon, Los Angeles, CA

1990 Ahead Art Auction, Long Beach , CA

(Shirley MacLaine and Whoopi Goldberg's endorsements)

1990 Barbara Mendes Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1990 McCarthy Gallery, Long Beach, CA

1990 Minus Zero Gallery, Torrance, CA

1990 Mandala Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

1990 Maison de France, Long Beach, CA

1990 Finegood Gallery, West Hills, CA

(Juried by Judy Freeman, Associate Curator, 20th Century Art, LA County Museum)

1990 Highways, Santa Monica, CA

1989 Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1989 Goddess of Democracy, Temple Bridge, Los Angeles, CA

1989 Clinicare Health Center, Santa Monica, CA

1988 Olympic Art Festival, Seoul, Korea

1987 Smith Arts Complex, Phoenix, Arizona

1987 Marina Beach Hotel, Marina Del Rey, CA

1987 Morgan-Wixon Theatre, Santa Monica, CA

1986 Z. Kertisz Gallery, Venice, CA

1986 Convention Center of Pasadena, CA

1986 Valparaiso Studio, Los Angeles, CA

1986 Venice of America, Venice, CA

1986 Affairs of the Garden, Beverly Hills, CA

1986 Gille Mansillon Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

1985 Lafayette Cafe, Venice, CA


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